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After a while some people tend to get bored with their car and will want to start improving the performance and make some modifications to their cars. Some people will want tuning , other will want styling. Those that want tuning will always try to push their car to the limits in order to achieve better performance, a better driving experience, a bit more adrenaline.

As we know there are quite a few modifications that can be done to an engine in order to achieve better performance, and once you have started tuning your engine on a car with DSG gearbox, sometimes you will also want more from your gearbox. There is not much you can change on a manual gearbox without splitting it apart, but on the DSG field there are new possibilities.

Many modifications can be made to the software inside the DSG Gearbox (actually in the software of the Mechatronic unit) in order to have a better car. Some of the most common DSG Tuning that can be done:

- Custom D and S program
- Increased Torque limiter
- Torque capacity upgrade to 450-500Nm
- Quiker Shifting time
- Max. shifting RPM
- Less unwanted use of 1st gear
- Raised downshift rpm
- Deactivation of automatic up-shift in M
- Modified gear ratio control for longer gears
- Paddle activation
- Modified launch control rpm
- Disable Kick Down in M-Mode
- Indivdual calibration of the shifting maps in D- or S- Mode

And many more individual settings.
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